The Aidocean team is on the way for a new mission in Papua New Guinea: GP PNG 2024.


A change of scenery this year: the members of Aidocean will be working in the Gulf Province to the south of the main island.

In order to work effectively, a partnership has been set up with the Gulf Province Health Authority and Gulf Christian Services, which manage the 2 hospitals in this area. The French Aidocean team will be supported by a local team from the Kapuna hospital.

carte mission GP PNG2024 Aidocean

In order to prepare for the arrival of this new expedition dedicated to healthcare and in particular to the vaccination of children under the age of 5. Marine BAYER, President of Aidocean, spent a week in Port Moresby signing the final agreements, stocking up on medicines and vaccines and collecting all the items needed for healthcare (glasses, for example) or education (books in English to be distributed in the schools).

pr Liko health secretary papua aidocean
OMS amarasinghe aidocean
Pr glen Mola papua aidocean

Marine met the Health Secretary, Professor Liko (1st photo). She was also able to talk to Professor Amarasinghe, who represents the WHO (World Health Organisation) in Papua (on the left in the 2nd photo). Finally, her visit to Port Moresby gave her the opportunity to meet Professor Glen Mola, head of the gynaecology and obstetrics department at Port Moresby General Hospital (3rd photo).

Buk Bilong Pikinini papua aidocean
onesight essilor aidocean

As last year, Aidocean will be working in partnership with the Buk Bilong Pikinini association. This association works to improve access to education for children in Papua. So, during this new care and vaccination mission in Papua New Guinea, Aidocean will be bringing books in English (supplied by Buk Bilong Pikinini) to the villages visited.

As part of the eye care offered to the inhabitants of the Gulf Province during this new mission, Aidocean will also be able to provide glasses. The One Sight Essilor Luxottica foundation will be our partner this year.


To find out more about this new mission, please visit the dedicated page.

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