Our partners

Your company has the power to change the lives of many people whether they are refugees or isolated on islands.

In order to act sustainably we also want to involve local staff and thus transfer know-how and care.

Your participation will help us tremendously and we thank all our partners for their support.

enfant vaccination papouasie aidocean

Our partners

Thanks to their support, Aidocean can carry out its actions… Thank you for their commitment to us.

olgeta foundation logo Aidocean

Olgeta foundation supports us in PNG mission especially with his ship : “the Golden Dawn”

total aidocean papouasie

Total Energies is contributing to the operations of the GP PNG 2024 mission. Total Energies Stations services has also donated 48 solar lamps.

onesight essilor luxottica fondation aidocean

The Onesight Essilor Luxottica Foundation gave us 800 glasses for the GP PNG 2024 mission. They were distributed to the villages according to need.

Logo Icape planete bleue aidocean

The ICAPE PLANETE BLEUE foundation supports us for the Convoy to Ukraine and the PNG Mission.


The “French Development Agency” (Agence Française pour le Développement) is financially contributing to the PNG mission.


The “Ministère de L’Europe et des Affaires Etrangères” contributes financially to the PNG mission.


The French government, through the Pacific Fund, supports the PNG mission.

logo communauté du pacifique aidocean

The Pacific community supports the PNG mission. Thanks to their help, the team was able to reach Papua New Guinea.

terre exotique png 2023 aidocean

Terre exotique, a delicatessen company that promotes spices around the world, supports Aidocean and in particular the PNG mission.

logo puma energy aidocean

Puma Energy is working with us on the PNG mission to supply fuel at advantageous rates.

easyskill logo aidocean

Easyskill is an international company providing engineering and training services in digital transformation and change management. It is assisting the PNG mission with administrative visa procedures.

logo bukbilong pikinini aidocean

Buk bilong Pikinini is a non-profit organisation that promotes literacy in Papua New Guinea. We will be bringing school supplies provided by Buk bilong Pikinini during the PNG mission.

Logo optic discount aidocean

To help local people with sight problems, Optic Discount, an optician in Noumea, is donating eyeglasses to Aidocean for the PNG mission.

logo air paradise mission png 2023 aidocean

Air Paradise, a microlight aircraft company based in Noumea, offers seaplane flights over New Caledonia. Air Paradise supports Aidocean’s work and has donated the team’s outfits.

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