PNG-1 Project :

the team

Marine BAYER

Ex-helicopter fighter pilot in the French Navy. She captained the unit of navy helicopters during the hostage crisis of the “Ponant” cruise ship, wherein Somalian pirates took the crew of the cruise liner hostage until they were rescued by the French navy, including Marine. After this mission, she was decorated with the Legion of Honor. Marine is also the heroine of the book “ Entre Ciel et Mère ” which recounts her career as a part of the helicopter unit aboard navy warships. 
For the past 10 years, she has been a nurse in various departments (emergency, palliative care, aged care, diabetes, etc) both in a team and as an independent. She has a DU (university diploma) in tropical medicine and is now president of Océan Vacci Tour and a member of IHEDN (Institute for Advanced Studies in National Defence).

In 2009, I retired from the navy and took a big gamble.  To become a nurse with the dream of travelling the world offering health care.

Marine Bayer

Nurse and co-founder of Aidocean

Jean-Michel PONTIER

A military doctor with a degree in emergency and disaster medicine, he has taken part in numerous military operations. Notably, was a part of operations of the units of the Special Operations Command in Central Europe (Kosovo), Afghanistan and the Sahel. He ended his career as a medical officer of the specialised unit of Combat Swimmers of Commando Hubert.

Jean-Michel also took part in numerous missions as an emergency doctor. He was part of the Clipperton Expedition team in 2005 with Jean-Louis Etienne. His skills also led him to take on the role of Health Advisor on the Total Pôle Air Ship expedition in the Arctic in 2009, Deep Sea Under The Pole (diving under the Arctic sea ice in 2011) and Gombessa 3 in Antarctica in 2015.



Our goal is to carry out humanitarian missions with simplicity and maneuverbility as focal pointsThanks to their small size, our teams are able to be flexibile, adapting to changing circumstances and solving problems as they come up.

Our primary objective is to offer our help to the most in need, especially those situated in regions where larger NGOs cannot reach.

Thanks to the support of local authorities, we can integrate into our projects research, education, training, and prevention.

We also hope to inspire the public, students, entrepreneurs, and societal leaders. Everyone in their own way can help us meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Vaccination campaign

Our next projects in 2023 : PNG-2 : continue the child vaccination campaign in papoua-New-Guinea cariied out during PNG-1. Aidocean want to take action to prevent the resurgence of deadly epidemics and bring life-saving vaccines to the tribes on the island of New Ireland.



In Ukraine, at few kilometers from the border, Yedeslav and his wife struggle to built an orphelinat. Aidocean support their efforts…


Aid Convoy

In April 2022, Aidocean’s action began with the setting up of a humanitarian convoy to Ukraine. Objectives: to bring material and come back with refugees…


Padan trees plantation

Elisabeth is cultivating about 40 pandanus plants in order to revive the Kanak ancestral tradition. Thus, the plantation will allow to produce…

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